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Inauguration of the EUROPEAN SLAVONIC COOPERATION NETWORK (ESCN) by a FASHION SHOW by the Ukrainian stylist NE KA powered by SLAVONIC EUROPE.

On Wednesday, 31 January 2024 at 6.30 PM your are invited to a FASHION SHOW, which will take place under the Auspices of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU and the Ukrainian Civil Society Hub in Brussels in the Cercle Royal Gaulois, Rue de la Loi 5, 1000 Brussels representing esthetics, style and creativity of Ukraine.  

The Ukrainian stylist NE KA will present her new creations joining modern style and tradition.  

The Structure

Highlighting and supporting the cultural richness, diversity and togetherness of the Slavs: language, arts and history based on the general framework programme of SLAVONIC NEW WAVE (e.g.: SLAVONIC WORLD Digital Encyclopaedia (SWL), SLAVONIC YOUTH PHILHARMONIC Orchestra (SYP)) from the existing corporate identity of Slavs in Europe –

Cross-border cooperation in Central & Eastern Europe through regional cultural exchange. It will draw from the new smart cross-border integration method LUSATIA GLOW, using European regional cultures as bottom-up grassroots integration facilitators: Creating the EUROPEAN SLAVONIC COOPERATION NETWORK (ESCN) as a natural starting point and the backbone of a new Eastern European structured cooperation –

Creation of trans-European platforms originating from Central & Eastern Europe – e.g.: The cross-section pivotal project AKTIS as part of the LUSATIA GLOW programme (which gave the European Parliament the idea for an EU Pilot Project candidate within the EU Budget in 2024, 3 officially tabled on 30/03/2023 under the title: European East-West Integration and Resilience network) –

General Objectives

Preparing the accession of Ukraine to the EU

Contributing to shaping a new face for Eastern Europe after the war

Combatting disinformation & defeatism in Europe: Informing European citizens about about Ukraine and its situation.

Showing that the Slavs do not need Russia to act in unity and that they can do it within the framework of the EU

Specific Objectives

  • Information campaign focusing on history, culture, economy and politics of Ukraine: Making Europeans aware of the situation in Ukraine
  • Reinforcing EU cohesion and resilience in Central & Eastern Europe
  • Enhancing equal footing between Eastern & Western Europe
  • Showing that the Slavs do not need Russia to act in unity and that they can do it within the framework of the EU

The Instrument





• Founding member of the EU
• Population: 11 697 557
• Languages: French, Dutch, German

ESCN Partners


  •  Headquarters – strategically and symbolically based in :
    • Brussels – Coordination offices: 1 Director, 2 Assistants

Ressources / Needs

  • Office in Brussels (1 Director, 2 Assistants)
  • Establishing a fully-fledged operational digital platform as the pivotal starting point for the creation of the ESCN web-based backbone
  • Communication, travelling and residence budget for 6 months
  • 1st series of soft diplomacy events within the ESCN and at the EU Headquarters in Brussels
  • Total budget needed in 2023: 150 000 €

Action plan

Gathering the Slavonic democratic civil society
Contacting the Slavonic heads of state & government to discuss their participation in support of the ESCN = establishing the Network
Proposing, structuring and implementing cultural activities and events between the Slavonic regions in Central & Eastern Europe and in Brussels & Western Europe establishing a "bridge" between the East & the West
Organising annual meetings of the ESCN


1 July 2023

Official opening of the ESCN in Brussels

July - Sept 2023

1st set of events, meetings, conferences - launch of strategic projects (AKTIS, SWL, SYP, etc.)

Oct - Dec 2023

2nd set events, meetings conferences - continuation of strategic project work - in particular: Holding a SLAVONIC CONGRESS in Prague, Czech Republic later this year (175 years after the 1st Slavonic Congress in 1848, gathering at the time as the democratically thinking Slavonic civil society). It will be a rally for the Slavonic democratic civil society with a special focus on solidarity with Ukraine, as the official opening event of the ESCN under the patronage of Slavonic EU Member States and the EU Institutions

31 January 2024

Under the Auspices of the MISSION OF UKRAINE TO THE EU and the UKRAINIAN CIVIL SOCIETY HUB in Brussels:

TOUCH OF ART - FASHION SHOW by the Ukrainian stylist NE KA, powered by SLAVONIC EUROPE in the Cercle Royal Gaulois, Rue de la Loi 5, 1000 Bruxelles

A Charity Event organised for the Armed Forces of Ukraine - Збройні сили України (ЗСУ)



The official Headquarters of the SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement with its two distinct bodies under Belgian law, SLAVONIC EUROPE Foundation (FP) and SLAVONIC EUROPE s.p.r.l., are situated strategically close to the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels in the representative green residential area of Chant d’Oiseau: